Insurance Companies rely on consultants to protect their interests, it essential the Insured do the same.

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D Bradford Anderson aia            
Public Adjusters, Architects, Engineers

The “Anderson Team” is an “Industry Leader” having successfully settled property insurance claims for over 30 years. Anderson’s successful architectural practice and design/build experience has afforded him the in-depth expertise to lead his highly specialized team of claim specialists.

We represent the insured after their loss and assist them with their Claim Recovery. Insurance Recovery is a highly-specialized industry requiring a “highly qualified” licensed “Public Adjuster” regulated by the Department of Insurance. Our team’s unique qualifications include a solid background in architecture, engineering, construction, policy coverage and entitlements. These qualifications will identify and execute your best claim recovery path. 

Insurance companies rely on experts to protect their interests, it’s essential the insured do the same.


Why Public Adjusters?

A Public Adjuster represents the insured after a property loss, guiding you through the entire claim recovery process.

A property loss most often involves complex disciplines, including but not limited to various building trades, forensic engineering and coverage issues. It’s the Public Adjuster that will bridge the gap between these disciplines and policy coverages affording the best and appropriate claim recovery.

Note: As a property claim involves many disciplines, a Public Adjuster must have the specific qualifications to best represent you with your loss. 

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Our experienced public adjuster will be at your home or business for evaluation of your loss within minutes in the event of an emergency. Our team of experts includes public adjusters, attorneys, contractors, mediators, arquitects and engineers. We have gathered the best professionals to provide the top insurance claim representation.








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