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Insurance Companies rely on consultants to protect their interests, it essential the Insured do the same.

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D Bradford Anderson aia            
Public Adjusters, Architects, Engineers

The Anderson Team is an Industry Leader having successfully settled property insurance claims for over 30 years in excess of $500 Million. Anderson’s highly successful architectural practice and design/build experience has afforded him the in-depth expertise to lead his highly specialized team of claim specialists.

We represent the insured after their loss and assist them with their Claim Recovery. Insurance Recovery is a specialized industry requiring “highly qualified professionals". Our team’s unique qualifications include credentialed backgrounds in architecture, engineering, construction, and policy coverage.  We will identify and execute your best claim recovery path.  

Insurance companies rely on experts to protect their interests, it’s essential the insured do the same.


Why Public Adjusters?

A Public Adjuster represents the insured after a loss, guiding them through the claim recovery process.

A property loss most often involves complex disciplines, including but not limited to various building trades, forensic engineering and coverage issues. It’s the Public Adjuster that will bridge the gap between these disciplines and policy coverages affording the best and appropriate claim recovery.  Insureds all too often solicit contractors to assist with their claim, although they may be skilled in their trade, don’t have the authority or the unique skill set needed to properly process the claim.

The time required to properly assess, document and package a loss can be extraordinary.  For this reason, it’s best to retain a Public Insurance Adjuster early avoiding delays and lost opportunities. 

The Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (OPPAGA), has published multiple studies determining that Public Adjusters, for many reasons, contribute significant value to the insured.  

Public Adjuster

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As experienced Public Insurance Adjusters, we are equipped and qualified to handle all types of Property Loss and associated disciplines. 

Regardless of where you may be in the claim process, our Insurance Recovery Team will be available 24/7 to meet and determine your best claim recovery path at no cost to you.


Don’t let your Insurance Claim turn into another loss!

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