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As experienced Public Insurance Adjusters, we are equipped and qualified to handle all types of Property Loss and associated disciplines. 

​Regardless of where you may be in the claim process, our Insurance Recovery Team will be available 24/7 to meet and determine your best claim recovery path at no cost to you.

Don’t let your Insurance Claim turn into another loss!

Earthquake 2.jpg

Puerto Rico Earthquake, 2020

The Claim Recovery Path would be as follows:


  • Review your Insurance Policies and determine your coverage

  • Determine required “Mitigation Measures” to protect you from further loss

  • Develop a Preliminary Scope of Loss

  • Submit immediate “Notice” and “Advance Request” to the Insurance Carriers

  • Complete, Submit and Resolve your Loss with the Insurance Carrier 

Our experienced team is qualified for:

All Perils and Associated Schedules
Including but not limited to: Wind, Flood, Earthquake, Water, Fire, Smoke, Builders Risk, Business Interruption,


Pre-Loss Inspection
As each property is unique, it’s always best to inspect a property before an event.  This may identify any problem issues ahead of time.

All Building Types 
Including but not limited to: Commercial, Industrial, Hospitality, Mixed Use, Multi-Family, Builders Risk, Residential, Marine and Municipal.


Builders Risk Insurance
Specialized coverage representing Builders and addressing their Critical Path (CPM)


Additional Services 
Legal Support, Expert Witness, Appraisal, Mediation,
Loss Assessments per FEMA, NFIP requirements
Loss Assessments per Federal / State / Municipalities

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