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Case Studies

Palmas del Mar Residence

Humacao, Puerto Rico

Palmas 1.png

Palmas Residence Exterior Pre-Storm

Located off the beach in Humacao, Puerto Rico, the residence incorporates classic detail, authentic mission tile, steel trowel plaster, custom millwork and marble flooring throughout. Hurricane Maria destroyed the roofing allowing the storm water to be channeled throughout the interior causing extensive damage to both the exterior and interior finishes.


Anderson secured a full claim recovery.

PIC 1 Palmas  Ext Pre Storm .jpg

Palmas Residence Exterior Pre-Storm

Palmas 3.png

Palmas Residence Exterior Post-Storm

Hurricane force winds destroyed the roof tiles and exterior finishes. The storm water and elevated moisture caused further damage requiring most finishes to be replaced.

Water is a building’s worst enemy.  The resultant bio-contaminants required decontamination as part of the claim recovery budget.

Palmas 2.png

Palmas Residence Interior Pre-Storm

Palmas 4.png

Palmas Residence Interior Post-Storm

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